This simple inventory tool is for you if you want to:
Secure Your Business from Employees that Steal.
Stop Losing Sales to competitors because of insufficient stock.
Stop tying up cash with unwanted goods that Nobody Buys.  
Migrate from Excel Spreadsheet or Manual Stock-taking methods to an Automated Inventory tool that is Easier to use and manage.  

Unfortunately, this is NOT for everyone.

We only select Businesses who will truly benefit from this Inventory tool.

50 FREE slots only. Valid for 14 Days

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This tool is used by over 100 million people around the world.


We’ve helped many businesses set-up, and automate this Inventory tool. We’d love to do the same for you.

Here’s what some business owners who use this inventory tool had to say.

"We started using this Inventory tool in 2016 - a year after we started our online leather handbag company. Prior to using the tool, we had used excel for managing our inventory, and this complicated our inventory process. We found the tool and have been using the system to manage our inventory ever since. It has great features that help us better receive and track our inventory. We get notifications when we are low on items, we can create our POs right from the system, and fulfilling orders is easy with built-in sales order and invoicing functions. One other great feature we like is the reporting, which gives us insight into top performing products within a specific period. The team has also been great at evolving their system regularly to adapt to the ever-changing needs of customers, adding new and efficient features to help solve customer pain points and make their experience better."

Wande Adedeji
Executive Director, Vicenzo Leather

"We were introduced to the Inventory tool for our event management business. At our event management business, we were able to scale the business efficiently with the flexibility of the tool and its APIs. Their support was phenomenal and the team constantly listened for feedback and continually comes out with new features."

Jason Lee
General Manager, Party Mojo Pte. Ltd

"This Inventory tool helped us to improve our inventory capabilities and customizations as needed. The integration with other apps in the Ecosystem made data sharing easier, and the implementation process was fast and comprehensive."

Maxime Loiselle
Founder, Les Voiles Max Marine

"In the past, we tried different software applications for inventory management, but they only made the process more complicated. However, three years ago, we made the switch to this Inventory tool, which turned out to be a great decision. The tool has efficiently helped us handle inventory and customers, automating various business processes, especially inventory reports and online store sales. We also find it easy to navigate."

Mahesh Kumar K
Accounts Executive, Arthur’s Food Company Pvt. Ltd

Who is this Inventory Tool for?

Retail Stores: Manage stock levels of products on shelves.

E-commerce Businesses: Track online inventory for seamless order fulfilment.

Wholesale Distributors: Monitor stock for bulk distribution.

Manufacturing Companies: Control raw materials and finished goods inventory.

Automotive Parts Dealers: Track various components and accessories.

Electronics Retailers: Manage inventory of electronic devices and accessories.

Clothing Retailers: Keep track of apparel and accessory stock.

Pharmacies: Monitor medications and health products.

Supermarkets: Track a diverse range of food and non-food items.

Hardware Stores: Manage inventory of tools, equipment, and supplies.

Restaurants: Control perishable and non-perishable food items.

Bookstores: Track books, magazines, and stationery.

Cosmetics Retailers: Monitor beauty and skincare product inventory.

Toy Stores: Manage stock of toys and games.

Furniture Retailers: Track inventory of home and office furniture.

Jewelry Shops: Monitor precious metal and gemstone inventory.

Sports Equipment Stores: Manage stock of sports gear and accessories.

Pet Supply Stores: Track inventory of pet food and accessories.

Stationery Shops: Manage office and school supplies.

Construction Material Suppliers: Monitor stock of construction materials and tools.

What you’ll be able to do with this Inventory tool.  

Item Management

  • Items grouping and bundling – Create categories based on attributes and customise bundles for the best sales.

  • Multi-warehouse management – Manage stock at multiple locations and keep track of inter-warehouse transfers effortlessly.

  • Serial and batch tracking – Track the movement of each item or keep a watch on batch expiration dates with unique identifier codes.

Customer Lifecycle

  • Sales order management – Convert a sales order into an invoice, send it via email, and track its status with no hassle.

  • Packaging and shipping – Generate packing slips, get real-time shipping rates, and print shipping labels in your preferred format.

Vendor Relations

  • Vendor price lists – Create price lists for regular vendors and update the prices automatically.

  • Purchase order and billing solution – Maintain your purchase order history, keep track of your unpaid bills, and build good relationships with your vendors.

  • Back orders and drop shipments – Running low on stock? Create a back order or initiate a drop shipment to avoid turning down a customer.


  • Post-shipment – Keep customers informed by sending them real-time updates after their orders are dispatched from your store.

  • Marketplace and shopping cart – Grow your business and expand your sales online by offering customers a secure shopping experience.

  • EDI – Automate the process of receiving orders and delivering them to your third party logistics providers with the tool’s Crossfire EDI integration.

  • Accounting solution – Manage your financials and books of accounts with a cloud-based accounting software connected to the inventory tool.

  • CRM – Manage campaigns and add leads and prospects automatically with CRM integration.


  • Barcode Scanning – Point and click your scanner at the barcode of an item to auto-fill the required information.

  • Webhooks and custom functions – Modify a URL with webhooks, or use Deluge script to automate processes.

  • Email and field update – Set a workflow rule to update a field or customise email messages for your special customer with ease.

Smart Feaures

  • Reporting and analytics – Generate detailed, neat, and insightful inventory reports so that your business decisions are always clear.

  • SKU generator – Make your life easier. Let the system help you generate SKUs for your item groups.

  • Reorder points – Set a reorder point for each item and get notified automatically the next time you are low on stock.

Who Are We?

We are Basecode –  a leading IT Consulting and Services company.

Our Headquarters is located in the United Kingdom and we have a branch in Lagos, Nigeria.

We work with small, medium, and large companies to automate their manual day-to-day operations, tasks, and processes through digital solutions.

We are the sister company to one of the only two Zoho Advanced Partners in Nigeria, and we are also partners with  Salesforce, Google Workspace, and RingCentral.

Our goal is to help you set up digital tools for Inventory management, CRM, Project Management, Business Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance Management, Support, Human Resources, and Workplace Organization.

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What you’ll get when you Sign up for the FREE trial.  

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