About us

Passionate about leveraging technology for Business


Here at Basecode, we recognise the opportunity that the digital transformation of workplaces brings.


Prospective Salesforce Admin – For aspiring and experienced technology professionals, the Salesforce platform and ecosystem present an opportunity to excel, with the right training, in a new skill area. Or indeed, to progress existing skills to an expert level in order to maximise business results.

Our focus is helping develop and enhance your Salesforce Career. The Basecode team are adept Salesforce professionals and mentors. Not only do we deliver coaching and training that works, but we also advise and provide support throughout a student’s Salesforce journey.

Business User Training – We can teach and mentor a single employee, so they are able to become a Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce expert within your team. We also deliver bespoke training to all your Salesforce users, either at your base of operations or at our London offices.


We listen to understand your Salesforce training needs and deliver customized solutions for success.

we get it right

We are flexible and work closely with our students to ensure that they receive the best Salesforce training tailored to their specific needs.

we are in this long term

We’re not simply interested in fee generation. Our goal is to equip our students with the best Salesforce training and solutions to ensure their long-term success in their careers.