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Don’t let inventory challenges hinder your business success.
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About Our
Inventory Solutions 

We deliver integrated inventory optimization solutions leveraging leading cloud-based inventory management platforms. By unifying real-time tracking across warehouses, stores, offices and in-transit locations, we provide accurate visibility into stock levels and movements across your supply chain.

Our solutions empower organizations to reduce carrying costs, reduce staff theft, minimize waste, optimize inventory planning, improve order fulfillment rates, and ensure lean, efficient operations across manufacturing and distribution networks. Robust analytics and reporting within our platforms enable data-driven decision-making to boost inventory productivity.

By leveraging our inventory platform expertise and tailored workflows, Basecode provides the end-to-end visibility, insights, and optimization capabilities needed to drive costs down and customer service levels up.

Why Choose Our Inventory Solutions?

Discover the benefits of our Inventory solutions. Gain efficiency, accuracy, and agility for your business operations.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every business is unique. Our Inventory Solutions are customizable to meet the specific needs and requirements of your industry and workflow.

Real-Time Tracking

Gain complete visibility into your inventory with our advanced real-time tracking features. Know exactly what you have on hand, when to restock, and when to reorder. Implementing IoT and RFID technology enables precise tracking of inventory across multiple locations in real time. This visibility is crucial for maintaining optimal stock levels, preventing overstock or stockouts, and ensuring timely replenishment.

Automated Processes

Say goodbye to manual data entry and time-consuming tasks. Our Inventory Solutions automate mundane processes, allowing your team to focus on more strategic aspects of your business.

Error Reduction

Minimise human errors with our precision-driven solutions. Accurate data leads to better decision-making and improved customer satisfaction.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate our Inventory Solutions with your existing systems, whether it’s your ERP, CRM, or other business tools. Enjoy a cohesive and connected ecosystem.


As your business grows, our Inventory Solutions grow with you. Scale effortlessly without worrying about outgrowing your inventory management system.

Advanced Analytics for Demand Forecasting

Our systems utilise machine learning and data analytics, to provide predictive insights into inventory demand, helping businesses to anticipate market trends and adjust their inventory strategies accordingly. This proactive approach minimizes waste, reduces holding costs, and ensures that businesses can meet customer demand without delay.

Automated Replenishment and Order Management

Our solutions automate the replenishment process, utilizing real-time data and predictive analytics to trigger orders at the optimal time. This automation extends to order management, streamlining the procurement process, enhancing supplier relationships, and ensuring that inventory levels are maintained efficiently.

What You’ll Be Able To Do With Our Inventory Solutions

Unlock streamlined operations, improved accuracy, and proactive decision-making with our Inventory solutions.

Item Management
  • Items grouping and bundling – Create categories based on attributes and customise bundles for the best sales.
  • Multi-warehouse management – Manage stock at multiple locations and keep track of inter-warehouse transfers effortlessly.
  • Serial and batch tracking – Track the movement of each item or keep a watch on batch expiration dates with unique identifier codes.
Customer Lifecycle
  • Sales order management – Convert a sales order into an invoice, send it via email, and track its status with no hassle.
  • Packaging and shipping – Generate packing slips, get real-time shipping rates, and print shipping labels in your preferred format.
Vendor Relations
  • Vendor price lists – Create price lists for regular vendors and update the prices automatically.
  • Purchase order and billing solution – Maintain your purchase order history, keep track of your unpaid bills, and build good relationships with your vendors.
  • Back orders and drop shipments – Running low on stock? Create a back order or initiate a drop shipment to avoid turning down a customer.
  • Post-shipment – Keep customers informed by sending them real-time updates after their orders are dispatched from your store.
  • Marketplace and shopping cart – Grow your business and expand your sales online by offering customers a secure shopping experience.
  • EDI – Automate the process of receiving orders and delivering them to your third party logistics providers with the tool’s Crossfire EDI integration.
  • Accounting solution – Manage your financials and books of accounts with a cloud-based accounting software connected to the inventory tool.
  • CRM – Manage campaigns and add leads and prospects automatically with CRM integration.
  • Barcode Scanning – Point and click your scanner at the barcode of an item to auto-fill the required information.
  • Webhooks and custom functions – Modify a URL with webhooks, or use Deluge script to automate processes.
  • Email and field update – Set a workflow rule to update a field or customise email messages for your special customer with ease.
Smart Features
  • Reporting and analytics – Generate detailed, neat, and insightful inventory reports so that your business decisions are always clear.
  • SKU generator – Make your life easier. Let the system help you generate SKUs for your item groups.
  • Reorder points – Set a reorder point for each item and get notified automatically the next time you are low on stock.

Benefits Of Opting For Our Inventory Solutions

Unlocking Your Business Potential with Our Tailored Inventory Solutions

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