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Our Salesforce Admin Training program is the perfect stepping stone to a fulfilling career in tech. With our program, you'll gain the in-demand skills needed to succeed in the growing world of tech.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The course is designed to cover all aspects of Salesforce administration, from the basics to the advanced concepts. This ensures that students have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that they can apply in real-world scenarios.

Personalised Development Environment

Each student will have access to a personalised Salesforce development environment, where they can practice and hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Post-Course Support

You’ll receive support in finding a job after completing the course, including job placement assistance and career advice.

Salesforce Platform Basics

  • Get Started with the Salesforce Platform

  • Discover Use Cases for the Platform

  • Understand the Salesforce Architecture

  • Navigate Setup

  • Power Up with AppExchange

Data Modeling

  • Understand Custom & Standard Objects
  • Create Object Relationships
  • Work with Schema Builder

Data Management

  • Import Data
  • Export Data



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