7 Convincing Reasons To Outsource Your Digital Transformation

May 26, 2023

Learn how outsourcing can help you save time and money, stay ahead of competitors, and become future-proof.

In 1995, Kodak had a digital camera prototype that could have revolutionized the photography industry. However, they chose not to pursue it because they were afraid it would cannibalize their film business. Fast-forward a few years, and the rise of digital photography led to Kodak’s downfall.

This cautionary tale is a stark reminder of the importance of digital transformation in modern business. With technology evolving at lightning speed, companies must adapt or risk being left behind. Embracing digital transformation can help businesses streamline processes, improve customer experiences, and stay competitive.

But where to start?

For many companies, outsourcing their digital transformation can be a smart move. By partnering with experts in the field, businesses can leverage their skills and experience to implement a successful digital strategy.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top convincing reasons why outsourcing your digital transformation might just be the best decision you make for your business.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Cost Saving  

Cost savings are a top priority for businesses, and outsourcing digital transformation can help achieve just that. Compared to hiring a full-time team, outsourcing can save money on everything from software to hardware and staffing.

For example, implementing a new software system can be a daunting task for any business. Not only is the software expensive, but the cost of hiring and training staff can quickly add up. Outsourcing can help businesses avoid these costs by bringing in experts who are already trained and experienced in the specific technology.

Furthermore, outsourcing can help businesses avoid costly mistakes that can occur during the implementation process. From selecting the wrong software to inefficient processes, these mistakes can lead to wasted time and money. Outsourcing can help reduce overall expenses by ensuring that the digital transformation process is executed efficiently and effectively.

Access to Expertise  

Outsourcing your digital transformation to a company that specializes in it has several benefits. For one, these companies have a team of experts who have experience in a wide range of technologies, including digital marketing, web development, cloud computing, and more. This means that they can provide valuable insights and expertise that you might not have in-house.

For example, imagine you’re a small business that wants to start using cloud computing. Outsourcing to a company that specializes in cloud services can help you make the transition smoothly and efficiently. Plus, they can provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your systems are running smoothly. By outsourcing your digital transformation, you can access expertise that might be out of reach otherwise, and stay ahead of the curve.

Flexibility and Scalability  

Outsourcing can provide your business with the flexibility and scalability it needs to thrive in today’s fast-paced market. When you partner with an experienced digital transformation team, you can adjust your efforts to match your evolving needs, without having to worry about staffing or infrastructure.

For example, let’s say your business experiences rapid growth, and you need to expand your digital capabilities quickly. Outsourcing can help you do just that. You can quickly scale up your digital technology and customer service efforts to match demand, without having to worry about hiring and training new employees or investing in expensive infrastructure.

On the other hand, if market conditions change and you need to scale down, outsourcing can help you do that too. You can reduce your digital transformation efforts without having to worry about layoffs or restructuring.

Time Savings  

Time is money, as they say, and when it comes to digital transformation, time is of the essence. Building an in-house team to handle your digital marketing efforts and business processes can take months, if not years, of hiring, training, and onboarding. By outsourcing your digital transformation to a service provider, you can save precious time.

Hiring and training staff can be a lengthy process that eats into valuable time that could be better spent on implementing your digital transformation projects. According to research by Oxford Economics, it takes an average of 28 weeks to hire a new employee in the UK, with an additional 32 weeks for the employee to reach full productivity. That’s over half a year!

By outsourcing your digital transformation, you can avoid delays and stay on track with your project timeline. Service providers have the necessary skills and experience to implement digital solutions efficiently, without the need for extensive training. With outsourcing, you can save valuable time and focus on growing your business.

Reduced Risk  

Let’s face it: digital transformation comes with its fair share of risks. From data breaches to technical issues, businesses face a myriad of challenges when implementing new technology. But with the right skill set, these risks can be mitigated.

For business owners who lack experience in cybersecurity and IT, outsourcing their digital transformation can be a smart move. By partnering with a team of experienced professionals, businesses can rest assured that their data is secure and their systems are running smoothly.

According to a recent study by the UK government, 39% of businesses experienced a cybersecurity breach in 2022. Outsourcing can help businesses minimize the risk of data loss and other security issues by relying on experts who specialize in protecting against cyber threats.

Focus on Core Competencies  

When it comes to digital transformation, businesses need to focus on their core competencies. After all, trying to do everything in-house can be overwhelming and detract from the areas where a business truly excels. Outsourcing digital transformation can be a great way to free up time and resources to focus on what you do best.

For example, outsourcing cybersecurity can be a smart move for businesses that don’t have the expertise in-house. According to a recent study by Hiscox, small businesses in the UK face an average of 65,000 cyber attacks a day, with the average cost of a breach being over £25,000. By outsourcing their cybersecurity, businesses can ensure they have the best protection without having to divert resources away from their core competencies.

Outsourcing can also help businesses avoid distractions and stay focused on their strategic goals. By letting experts handle the digital transformation process, business owners can concentrate on growing their businesses and delivering value to customers. At the end of the day, outsourcing digital transformation is all about freeing up resources to focus on what you do best.

Competitive Advantage  

Outsourcing isn’t just about getting someone else to do the work. It can actually give you a competitive edge. When you partner with a team of experts, you gain access to a wealth of skills and knowledge that can help your business stay ahead of the curve.

Finally, outsourcing can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. By adopting the latest technologies and best practices, you can offer your customers a better experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Whether it’s through better website design, streamlined processes, or more efficient data management, outsourcing can help you take your business to the next level. As a business owner, it’s important to be open to new ideas and opportunities. Outsourcing your digital transformation is one way to gain a competitive advantage and ensure the long-term success of your business.


In conclusion, outsourcing your digital transformation can be a smart move for your business. It allows you to take advantage of specialized expertise, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. From accessing top talent to implementing cutting-edge technology, outsourcing can help you achieve your digital transformation goals quickly and effectively.

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